Anthony Parker is a multifaceted fitness extraordinaire. He is a former NFL draft pick for the 5-time Super Bowl Champions:

San Francisco 49ers, a 3-time collegiate track & field champion, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, as well as a motivational speaker, author, successful entrepreneur, and a fitness guru.

Anthony’s motivating fitness coaching has helped transform the lives of many individuals; from entertainers, elite athletes, business executives, busy professionals, and athletes with special needs.

For almost 20 years, Anthony has been applying his very own unconventional coaching methods to motivate athletes to develop the mental strength needed to push themselves physically in order to achieve optimum performance.

His expertise is not limited to athletes, but extends to helping men and women lose weight and tone up faster than they would using traditional training methods.

Anthony’s unique ability to motivate and connect with his clients stems from a deep-rooted contentment he experiences as a result of helping individuals, regardless of their fitness level, exceed their personal fitness goals. His techniques and their success resulted in him being featured on the Jena Green show.

As a highly regarded fitness coach, Anthony has learned the art of successfully mobilizing people from the root of their aspirations into the realms of triumph; inspiring individuals to reach for their greatness despite their fears.