Train with Fitness Guru, Anthony Parker

Anthony Parker is the go-to fitness coach for entertainers, elite athletes, athletes with special needs, and busy professionals in the Naperville, Illinois and surrounding areas for his weight loss, body toning, and athlete performance expertise.

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Naperville, IL Fitness coaching, sports performance training, Fitness boot camp.

Adult Cross-Training
Are you ready to push harder and dig deeper than you ever have, to get the body you’ve always wanted safely? If your answer is yes, then Adult Cross-Training is for you. Designed to challenge you to leave your comfort zone through a high intensity, motivational, full body, fat burner 60-minute workout. Adult Cross-Training will change your life and how you view a great workout forever.
Athlete Performance Training

Athlete Performance Training is designed by a Pro Athlete, for the Athlete who has the burning desire to build strength; increase speed, reaction time and flexibility, while improving their full body and mental conditioning. Anthony’s unconventional training and motivation methods have been proven to increase athlete’s performance.


Online Fitness Coaching

Life can be a hassle, but your workout regime doesn’t have to be. Our Online Fitness Coaching is designed to give you full control and optimum convenience. The program allows you to train at a time most convenient to you, in any place that suits you, with a personal fitness coach to monitor and provide customized workouts, review meals, and track fitness performance.


Private Fitness Coaching

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or even months without losing weight or achieving your goals don’t despair! Private Fitness Coaching is designed especially for you.
If you’re an athlete seeking to elevate your game and break your own records, with the help of our superior Private Fitness Coaching, your dreams could come true.



“My name is Tracy Colby. I’m a mother of 3 little girls. Maintaining my health and setting a good example for my girls are a priority to me. I’ve been training with Anthony for about 4 years (on and off between having children). After 4 years, it is still difficult for me to put his class into words. It is a different experience every day I walk through the door. His class continues to motivate and challenge me to safely push past my potential. I continue to discover muscles I never knew I had!
Anthony is more than just a fitness instructor. He is a motivator and a mentor. He brings so much energy and excitement to every class and he is genuinely dedicated to everyones individual fitness goals. All of his members show up to work hard and we encourage each other! This is more than just a bootcamp class…this is a life changing commitment and the members in class become a supportive ‘fitness family’. I highly recommend his motivational training. Anthony has become one of my personal favorite people and I’m grateful for the success he has helped me achieve.”

Tracy Colby

“I have worked with Anthony since I was in the 7th grade. Not only has he helped me to become a better high school football player, he mentored me to become a better student-athlete. His dedication and continuous inspiration to achieve greatness in athletics and academics led me to sign with North Dakota University.”


“Anthony is far above just a trainer; he’s a life coach. He is such a motivator and so full of energy, I often don’t realize I just had a hard workout session! That is what makes Anthony special. He’s been an elite athlete; he understands how to work the body to exceed its potential, and he makes the workout exciting enough to keep us grinding for more!”

Adam Jackson

“There is no easy way in life but to grin”, these are the words Anthony told me during each workout. Success is not handed to you, regardless of how great you think you are or what your background is. Anthony motivated me like no other; his style of training is not traditional or fancy, it’s simply you being willing to get your hands dirty and GRIN. His coaching, mentoring, and motivation positioned me to receive a football scholarship to attend the University of Mary.” Cyrano Rayfield

“Working with many celebrities over the years at the Jena Green Show, Anthony’s private and online fitness coaching has been instrumental in keeping me in top shape. His passion, knowledge, and motivation are so refreshing that when you inhale, you become driven to take on the world.” Jena Green